5th May 2015:
Technology leader SAV Group in Tyrolean hand

Tyrol Equity acquires the leading manufacturer of electro-magnetic clamping solutions

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25th September 2013:
Success at the EMO 2013

From the 16th to 21st September, the world came to the leading trade fair for metalworking in Hannover, the EMO. It gave the complete SAV group a chance to introduce its extensive business activities.

“Cooperation within the entire SAV group allows us to offer national and international clients the whole spectrum of work piece development,” stated M. Kaiser, director of SAV-HSW.

From material feeding, automation and rotary or static clamping in machine tools, to process enhancement via central computers; all of this is possible from one source.

Potential buyers and clients could be offered the optimal production solution from the entire portfolio. As well as developing with the client, innovative employees work for their own profitable improvements in production.

In order to emphasise this effectively, the SAV group introduced their individual catalogues:
   - Catalogue K II, which also contains the range in ‘Stationary Workholding’
   - Catalogue KV III, with a wide range of small magnets

Expansion of the SAV group’s interesting product range:
   - Circular magnetic chucks from Ø50mm up to Ø12,000mm
   - Milling e.g. rail machining up to 36,000mm
   - Rotary special workholding up to Ø4,500mm
   - Stationary workholding from 20kg up to 60,000kg
   - Automation through circular storage items – robotics – double loading column systems
   - Own control systems
   - On-site, at your premises around the world, or in-house service

By means of combined solutions from the individual areas, we are considerably increasing your production possibilities.
“The SAV group is the competent partner when it comes to innovation within your production – this is unique in our industry,” stated R. Feustel, managing partner.

The EMO once again provided a good basis for entering into dialogue with potential buyers and clients. The figures from the trade fair administration also prove this, with over 2000 exhibitors and approx. 150,000 visitors.

The SAV group is faithful to the trade fair’s motto ‘Intelligence in Production’.

We would like to thank you for visiting us at the EMO 2013.

Should you require more information about the range of goods and services that the SAV group offers, please let us know.
We are happy to send this by post. Or visit us in person to be shown the possibilities for production optimisation.


3th July 2013:
Press release in the Industrie Online Journal:

SAV Group offers complex clamping devices from one source

The SAV group introduced itself at the EMO 2013 as a system provider of various workholding technologies, from magnetic and hydraulic to mechanical and vacuum, as well as heavy lifting and automation solutions. Clamping devices, which were recently developed and rolled out for the milling of railway tracks, are highlighted as being exemplary. In order to make working with extreme internal forces possible, the rails are magnetically, mechanically and hydraulically clamped with a hybrid clamping device. A part of the device is electromechanically angle-adjustable. All functions are controlled by a wireless operating device. Such complex devices require high expertise in various technologies and electric controls. These are developed and produced by affiliated companies. With their synergy, the group is in the unique position of being able to develop and offer complex solutions from one source.

The original press release in German can be found here.

8th April 2013:
SAV 531.01 - New handle lock “COMFORT SWITCH”

Our “NEO” and “PLN” lifting magnets SAV 531.01 have always had a very safe handle locking system which locks the handle (lever) in both positions.

The handle lock sometimes appeared to be counterproductive when working with the smaller magnets, as both hands were needed to switch the magnet on.

The new handle lock no longer requires the lever to be pulled out; simply turning the lever will turn on the magnet and it will stay in place. The handle is locked once the magnet is switched on.

The new handle lock applies to the sizes 125, 250 and 500 kg. Older magnets can be easily retrofitted. Experience the new operating comfort!

switch on: simply turn the lever

switch off: pull out the lever and turn

December 2012
Article in the ‘Neue Württembergische Zeitung’, 14.12.12

“Special” is not a foreign term here

The clamping tool specialist from Jebenhausen has invested 3.5 million Euros in new construction and company development.
The Jebenhausen-based firm SAV-HSW, part of the SAV group, has moved to a newly built corporate building in the industrial estate Jebenhausen-Süd.

The new corporate building for SAV-HSW has been finished on time and will be inaugurated on the 14th and 15th December. Before now the company, which has specialised in the development and manufacturing of high quality specialist clamping tools, was to be found in Autenbachstraße. As the company had become increasingly cramped in this location, it invested 3.5 million Euros in constructing a new production hall and administrative building. “Not only do we have more space for the machines here,” rejoices Martin Kaiser, one of the two managing partners alongside Robert Feustel, “but also the working conditions for the staff have improved considerably.”

The production hall, finished with lots of glass, looks bright and friendly. Just as the office space offers employees a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. The staff rooms are also larger and more modern than before. “We have undercut the energy-saving regulations by 20% in this new building,” Kaiser proudly reports as well. “It has been better insulated than specified, a solar energy collector heats our water supply, and efficient heating systems together with a well controlled ventilation system guarantee air exchange and a comfortable maintained temperature in the hall.” The company, which currently has 28 employees at the Jebenhausen site, has job vacancies to offer. “We are looking for draughtsmen, CNC operators and EDM workers,” lists Kaiser. “And for 2013 there are apprenticeship training positions in sales administration, construction and industrial mechanics, as well as technical product design.”

The motto of the company is ‘Consultation, development, production and service from one source’. Not only conventional
clamping devices are produced for metal-cutting and CAD machines at SAV-HSW. The focus is above all on developing and producing special solutions, which are orientated to the needs and application purposes of the customers. “We see ourselves as problem solvers for the customers,” explains Kaiser. “Our problem solving approach begins where others discard the canvas. ‘Special’ is not a foreign term, but instead a challenge.” He says that highest bid are imaginative constructions and precise production using state-of-the-art machines, in which the interplay of everything from sales, development, construction, production and assembly up to the on-site service features guarantees a fast processing of the customer’s wishes and assures the best quality.

Data and facts about SAV-HSW

In 2011 the company HSW-Schmid GmbH, founded in 1992, rebranded into the forward-looking company SAV-HSW.
Due to increasing customer demands and requirements a partnership was formed with the company SAV Spann-Automations-Normteiletechnik GmbH in Nuremberg – the market leader in the field of magnetic clamping.

Since then the SAV-HSW GmbH site has acted as a centre of excellence.

The special tools are designed and drawn using 3D-CAD and can be finished on high quality machines in the 5-axis range. In doing so the workpiece can be worked on from all sides.

The in-house machining outfit makes a wide range of manufacturing methods possible, such as rotating, milling, drilling, circular and face grinding, and ram and wire cut EDM.

6th March 2011:
Activities of Walker Hagou Magnetics are acquired by SAV

The activities of the company Walker Hagou Magnetics BV from Bladel, The Netherlands, have been completely acquired by the German company SAV Spann- Automations- Normteiletechnik GmbH from Nuremberg from the 4th March. The activities of Walker Hagou Magnetics BV will continued under the name SAV Walker Hagou.

Thanks to this acquisition and a substantial part of the former staff continuing on, SAV has secured the available knowledge and experience, and at the same time her market position in magnetic workholding and standard products is further extended and strengthened.
This acquisition also leads to the existing product group Heavy Lifting being added to SAV's product range.
For many years, Walker Hagou Magnetics was a sub supplier to SAV for standard magnetic products and a cooperation had already been discussed several times.
The new company SAV Walker Hagou is now a full daughter of the SAV Group and thereby
has a new and strong foundation with which we are confident for the future.

The activities of the existing SAV Workholding and Automation from Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands, will be swiftly integrated into the new organization of SAV Walker Hagou.
This leads to a wide and versatile product range and is not only limited to magnetic workholding and lifting. Hydraulic, mechanic and vacuum workholding products, as well as the automation/handling systems of SAV, are now also part of the supply programme, with immediate effect.

The German SAV Spann-Automations-Normteiletechnik GmbH, with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, is a strong company that has focused on workholding technology in the widest sense for more than 25 years.
Due to continuous innovation and strategic worldwide expansion, SAV has developed into a successful and reliable partner in the market.
With offices in Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, North America and distributors in the most important industrial countries, SAV is represented worldwide.

As from Monday the 7th of March the new SAV Walker Hagou is back on solid ground and ready to serve her customers with new energy.

The management

SAV Walker Hagou
Industrieweg 9
5531 AD Bladel
The Netherlands

October 2010:
SAV Mechatronic chuck

SAV offers the clever combination of an electro-permanent magnetic chuck with an integrated 6-Jaw mechatronic chuck. This innovative workholding concept is applied to the automation of machine tools, for precision centering with high repeatability in either OD- or ID axial clamping. Without resetting, it allows for a combination of high power chip removal in the first setup and finishing in the second. Clamping eccentric parts at different orientations to the spindle centre is unique. In total the working principle allows for 6 different clamping setups.
The core of the chuck is the enhanced magnetic system with optimized pole setup and real poles for minimum field heights. The 6 fully integrated linear axes are made out of servo actuators with integrated brake and a measuring system with a resolution of 0.0025 mm. At a chuck diameter of 1000 mm, the stroke per axe is 50 mm, with quick change jaws optional.
For such a chuck size, the holding forces lie with approx 300 daN per actuator.
The mechatronic chuck can be provided from diameter 850 mm with a height of 165 mm. This size provides a minimal magnetic range of 350 mm. Larger size chucks are available up to 3000 mm from one part. First market introduction at the AMB 2010 in Stuttgart.

March 2009:
PARTEC enters SAV group

SAV Spann-Automations-Normteiletechnik GmbH from Nuremberg has strengthened its position by integration the company PARTEC Automatisierungstechnik und Handlingsysteme GmbH (automatic control engineering and handling systems) into the SAV group. PARTEC develops and realizes automation and handling systems for different production areas. The company PARTEC's expertise in primarily in feeding, handling, transporting and installing plants, and covers the whole project area of consultation, from construction to start up, training and service. From the 1st March 2009, the 10 specialised employees of the company PARTEC, together with their production line, will be incorporated into SAV base in Mittweida, Saxony.
With the know-how of the company PARTEC the SAV group has strengthened its position substantially within the range of automation and handling all aspects of machine tools.
After having specialised in the field of special solutions in the clamping technology last year, SAV is now in a position to offer complete solutions.
The emphasis is thereby pallet changing systems, manipulators, index tables, round axles and integrations. The name PARTEC remains thereby as company name and trademark.

PARTEC Automatisierungstechnik und Handlingsysteme GmbH
Geschäftsführer: Andreas Walter / Wilfried Krüger
Leipziger Str. 29
09648 Mittweida
Tel.: +49 - 3727 - 99950
Fax: +49 - 3727 - 9995346
Email: info@partec-chemnitz.de
Internet: www.partec-chemnitz.de

October 2008:
SAV further invests and expands at their industrial site in Germany.

Our production location in SAV Mittweida has been extended. A new production hall with approx. 2000m2 surface area hase been completed in a few weeks. This means that the SAV group has approx 12000m2 production and office surfaces area available. Further investments have been made in large machines (2 Gantry milling machines with up to 3 meters passage and 5 meters of table length). The total investment within the group for 2008 amounts to approx. 4 million Euros. The aim of these investments is to continuously extend the efficiency of the SAV group in Germany and to increase exports worldwide.
Meanwhile the SAV group is present with its own location in the following countries:
- SAV North America
- SAV The Netherlands
- SAV Czech Republic
- SAV Poland
At present SAV China is being planned.

October 2008:
SAV acquires ISO-9001 quality certificate

The SAV Group has successfully completed the International certification according the international Quality Standard DIN EN ISO-9001:2000 (with product development).
The scope includes development, production and sales of workholding, fixtures, tools and norm parts for the tool and apparatus industry and metal and plastic technology. The certificate now not only covers the headquarters in Nuremberg, but also the production companies in Nuremberg-Eibach and Mittweida, as well as the company F&K Prototype and Erosion Technology. The strong growth of the SAV Group, with multiple international sales- and production companies, required a new management structure and a total quality management system.
With the introduction of this quality management system, SAV is now prepared and confident to take the next steps towards further expansion.

September 2008:
High precision demands in the roller bearing industry

To achieve optimal accuracy with turning, hard-turning and grinding of bearing rings, bushings and similar workpieces, it would be ideal to accomplish the machining of all 4 sides in only one set-up.
Thereby the source of error "re-clamping" would be excluded and the machine accuracy could be transferred directly to the workpiece. Unfortunately we cannot meet this wish; however we offer the possibility of 3-face machining with our electromagnetic and electro-permanent magnetic circular magnets.
By clamping the parts "magnetically" at the face, this is possible. Also no radial stresses, which lead to deformations, are worked into the workpiece.
The freeing tensions can also still adjust themselves.
Pole raisers, which are adjustable in T-slots, can be used on radial pole magnets in order to make the overrun of the tools possible. Usually electro-permanent systems are used, which offer high working reliability and do not heat up.
The electric supply is made according to the conditions of the machine by means of slip ring at the spindle end, flat slip ring in the magnet body or also by plug, which is loosened after clamping.
Magnetic chuck diameters up to 4 metres, undivided, have already been made and with multipart and/or segmental construction there is no limit in size. Our construction is particularly characterised by an even strong magnetic field, adjustable over control with demagnetisation.
Due to the solid pole plate, pole gap with brass, bolted in a fine grid, the highest accuracy and stability is reached. The pole plate consumption is 8 mm and it can be exchanged after wear.

May 2008:
New SAV Office in Poland

The fast-growing SAV group expanded again in May this year. A new sales office has been created, located in Bydgoszcz in Poland. Under the experienced guidance of the managing director Pawel Roguszczak, SAV Polska Sp.z.o.o. will be completely orientated towards the high demanding and fast developing Polish industry. SAV Polska has already been able to showcase its own stand at "Machtool 2008" in Poznan in July this year. "The versatility and reputation of the SAV product range are fairly unknown in Poland, but offer however very good possibilities to make progress in this market" says Pawel Roguszczak, managing director of the new SAV Polska.
Alongside Poland, SAV now has its own offices in Benelux, Czech Republic and in the United States. Furthermore, SAV is strongly represented by dealers and agents in most large industrialised countries of the world.

September 2008:
High precision square grinding with SAV Square-Grind

At the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart, SAV showcased a new solution for high precision square grinding of forms and tools on standard surface grinding machines.
Grinding perfectly square parts has always been a demanding task which could only be undertaken by experienced tool makers.
SAV now offers a both simple and elegant solution, with which this labour intensive process can be accomplished highly accurately, and even automated.
The Square Grind solution consists of a stable base, mounted to the machine table, with highly accurate 90° index-receptacle, preparation equipment, and several 2-pole magnetic pallets for clamping workpieces.
This configuration guarantees a fast armament, indexation in 90° steps and accuracy within 1.5 µ/150 mm on a standard surface grinding machine.
The workpieces are clamped fast and securely on a 2-pole hexagonal magnet pallet on pole raisers. Hereby it is guaranteed that the accuracy is transferred in the same setting in the next machining process.

June 2008:
SAV hexagonal milling magnet - not only two corners more!

With the development of the hexagonal magnets the magnet builders from Nuremberg have come up with something completely new.
SAV is thereby relying on their experience of more than 25 years with magnet solutions. The hexagonal magnet is an electro-permanent magnet system developed especially for universal milling applications.
Because of its durable structure, as well as low overall height, the milling magnet is suitable for use a single module on pallet changing systems. The use of multiple connected pole fields for larger surfaces is also possible.
The specially optimised high-energy magnetic system bridges larger air gaps and thereby ensures absolute safety for chip removal applications.
An assortment of pole raisers, as well as individually made stop and positioning systems, are available as accessories and complete the versatile range of applications.
The hexagonal magnetic poles, sealed at the surface with wear-resistant brass, make extreme holding forces possible at a low magnetic field height. This again gives an advantage over chip contamination problems.
Together with a standard SAV control unit, SAV offers a universal milling clamping solution.

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